About My List

My List allows you to bookmark a custom list of shows. You can rearrange this list of shows any way you wish.

My List only displays shows from one location/city at a time. Switch locations to view bookmarked items in other places. 

Add/remove items from My List

To add or remove items from My List, just tap the bookmark icon on the show. 

Rearrange My List 

App: Rearrange items in My List by tapping and holding on a show until the navigation bar turns red and displays "Drag to rearrange shows." Then move the show to the position you desire. 

Web: Rearranging items in My List is coming soon. 

Closed shows

Shows that have closed will remain in My List. You can continue to view the show. If you remove a show that has closed from My List, there is no way of getting it back. 



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