I'm receiving communications or seeing shows in the wrong city

Getting the wrong newsletter or account is in the wrong currency

If you're getting newsletters about the wrong location/city, or your account balance is in the wrong currency, change your home location.

Web: Go to the Account & Settings page, select "Show account settings" and then select "Change home location." 

App: Tap on the "Me" button, select Account Settings, then select "Change" under "Home location."  

Note: If switching between countries, this may involve converting your account balance to a new currency. In this case, we'll tell you what your account balance will be worth in the new currency before completing the changeover. 

Seeing the wrong shows

To change the location/city of the shows you're browsing, just tap the name of the current location at the top of the main show list and select the location you'd like to view. 

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