About TodayTix Lottery & Special Offers

NOTE: TodayTix Lottery and Special Offers is currently only available in the TodayTix app downloaded to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You cannot access these features on your web browser. 

The TodayTix Lottery allows you to enter a chance to win discounted or free tickets to select shows.

Entering lotteries

During the entry period, typically from midnight the day of the performance until when drawing begins, submit your name and number of tickets you'd like to purchase on the TodayTix app. 

Your chances of winning are not affected by when you enter. Winners are selected randomly. 

Sharing to improve odds

When you share your lottery entry on Twitter or Facebook, TodayTix will automatically double (for one share) or triple (for two shares) your chances of winning. You do not need to submit another entry, just complete the share(s) and your odds will be increased accordingly. 


Selection is random and typically happens within a few hours before the show over a 2 to 3 hour timeframe. So that we can ensure that all lottery tickets are distributed, winners are notified in groups every hour, and some users are waitlisted in case some of the winners do not claim their tickets, so you may not be notified right away whether you've won or lost. 


If you win, you'll receive a notification and an email telling you that you've won. You will have a given time window (typically 30-60 minutes) in which you can claim your win. Please note this window when entering the lottery. If you do not claim within this window, your tickets will be offered to someone else. 


If you lose, we'll send you an email. You can try as many times as you'd like. 

Special Offers

Some shows make available last-minute special discounts that are sent out to select people who do not win the lottery tickets. Special offers are sent out gradually until they sell out. You will receive a push notification and email informing you of the offer. 

If you receive a special offer, follow the link in the email or open the TodayTix app to accept or decline it. This offer is just for select people and will not appear to other users or on the show's information page. 

If you cancel the checkout of a special offer, you can reclaim it (if still available) from the main show list screen by tapping on the red banner that appears. 

Please note that special offers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and may sell out. 

Setting alerts

You can be alerted when the lottery opens next. Just tap the "Alert Me" button and we'll send you a reminder the next time the lottery is open for entry. 

Legal info

Full Terms and Conditions for lottery tickets are available for each lottery on the in-app Lottery Entry page. 

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