About TodayTix Rush

NOTE: TodayTix Rush is currently only available in the TodayTix app downloaded to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You cannot access TodayTix Rush on your web browser. 

TodayTix Rush is a special program for deeply discounted tickets offered on the same day of a performance. Tickets generally begin to be distributed at 10 AM (9 AM Pacific Time) and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Rush tickets are only offered for select shows. 

Accessing and unlocking Rush tickets

In exchange for these low prices, our partner shows ask for your help in spreading the word about the show by sharing a post promoting it to Facebook or Twitter. To access Rush tickets, you must "unlock" them for that show by first sharing the post as requested. 

Once you share the post, Rush tickets remain unlocked for that show until you purchase them. So if you unlock and there are no more tickets left, you can return tomorrow and purchase Rush tickets without having to unlock again.

Once you purchase Rush tickets for a show, the feature relocks. You can unlock it again  at any time.

Purchasing Rush tickets

You can only purchase 1 or 2 Rush tickets for any given performance. 

Sold out? Set an alert.

Because Rush tickets are first-come-first-serve, you may wish to be reminded when the tickets go on sale so you don't miss out. Simply tap "Alert Me" next to Rush tickets and we'll send you a notification the next time Rush tickets for that show go on sale. 

Don't want to use social media?

If you do not want to share the post on social media, you may opt to "Unlock Without Sharing," found underneath the Facebook/Twitter sharing options. Once this option is selected, you will need to confirm "Don't Share" on the following screen. Once unlocked, you can purchase Rush tickets for any performance in the future. We urge you to share on our partner's behalf. 

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