About TodayTix Gift Cards

TodayTix gift cards can be purchased for digital delivery or physical mail (US only) with any value between $/£ 10 and $/£ 1000.

Gift cards may be sent directly to the recipient or you may send them to yourself. The message included in both the digital and physical cards can be customized. 

You can purchase gift cards here


Currently, we accept PayPal for gift card transactions.

How to redeem

To use a gift card, just tap the "Add voucher" button on the Checkout screen, then type in the voucher code you were provided.

If the order total is greater than the value of the card, the card will apply as a discount. You will be responsible for paying any remaining balance on the order.  

Remaining balance

After redemption, any remaining balance will stay on the card. You can type the same voucher code in for any future transactions as long as a balance remains.

Different currencies

If you redeem a gift card in a different currency than it was issued, the entire balance on the card will be converted to the new currency at the market rate (as determined by TodayTix). 


Balances on gift cards never expire. 

Combining with other offers

Gift cards cannot be combined with any other coupon or voucher code. 

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